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Hello skating families,


Why do we fundraise?  We get this question a lot and wanted to share some of the details of why fundraising is done and why it is important.

The board tries to keeps costs as low as possible for families for things such as test day, seminars, coach’s travel to competitions with skaters and therefore uses fundraising revenues to pay for these items instead of passing the full costs onto the skaters.

Fundraising also covers the cost of the website, the registration program, bank and visa payment fees, board meeting room rental costs, the Norman regional expenses just to name a few.   These expenses are not factored into the registration fees.

Fundraising can also cover the shortfall in program revenues (see next question for explanation)

Then what do my skating fees cover?

Skating fees cover the cost of ice and coaches.  The fees are calculated based on 10 full time participants per star program (Teal, Yellow, Blue and Red).  Currently none of these programs have 10 full time participants, and therefore fundraising is relied upon to cover the shortfall.  The only other option the board has is to increase these fees to cover the shortfall, but the board strives to keep the costs as low as possible.

Why not just raise the fees?

The board tries to keep the costs affordable for all families.  Fundraising allows for families to earn the fee back through participating in fundraising activities.  The registration fee cannot be earned back, therefore a fundraising fee is used.

How can you earn your fundraising fee back?

Through fundraising 40% of the profit of the fundraising goes back to your fundraising account.  At the end of the year you will be issued a cheque to be reimbursed for the fundraising that you have done.  Some of our teal and Advanced Canskate families earned their full fundraising fee back with our first fundraiser.

Why don’t hours spent volunteering for test day, seminars or other events count towards fundraising?

The events held by Skate Thompson throughout the year are not fundraising events.  These are the events that the fundraising fees help to cover.  As there is not profit from these events, and instead a shortfall, there are no funds to give back to the families.  Skate Thompson does rely on volunteers to help make these events successful for our skaters.

Why doesn’t the board offer more fundraisers to earn the fee back?

Several fundraisers have been offered by Skate Thompson so far this year.  We had a cash draw, a skate-a-thon, sold gold canyon candles and had a wine raffle.

Skate Thompson

See you on the ICE!!